Hot Christmas Swing von Daniel Bierdümpfl & SHIZZLE - Kunst&Kulturverein

Hot Jazz, swinging rythms, dizzy lines and lyrics that´ll make you jump !!!

When you might think: “Oh, yet another four music students trying to earn their money on swing dancers” you are completly right!
But also four musicians with the love for the symbiosis bewtween dance and the music! Nothing so pleasing to them as these two parts finding togehter! The four musicians have found their frist love in swing and lost their hearts while singing along to it! ///

From the 30´s to the 60´s, lyricly and musicly hunting you through the most delicate pieces of swing making it hard for every foot to stand still. ///

double bass * vocals / Iradi Luna (Brasil) //
guitar * vocals / Daniel Bierdümpfl (Bavaria) //
Trumpet * vocals / Tom Straub (Bavaria) //
drums / Jakob Peham (Austria) //


(c)Daniel Bierdümpfel


12. Dezember 2018
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19:00 bis 22:00


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Mariengasse 1, 1170

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